Roger Bailey


Roger Bailey

I was born and raised on a ranch north of Chamberlain, South Dakota, with two brothers and one sister. Early home life included saying the Lord's Prayer at bedtime and going to Sunday school and church on Sunday. Elementary school was in a country school house with one teacher for all eight grades (12 total students, mostly cousins).


I attended a Lutheran church catechism class during my late grade school years (what is now middle school). It was during this concentrated study that I realized what Jesus actually accomplished on the cross, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior. The concept of surrendering my life to Jesus as “Lord” (boss) was not there.  My prayers and actions were selfish, viewing God as a source of power for me to tap.

High school and the first three years of active duty in the Marine Corps were years of gradually drifting away from prayer and attending worship services. Selfish ambitions and desires grew to dominate my thoughts and actions.


Late in my active service years, I witnessed and personally experienced things that abruptly changed my view on life.  I turned to the Bible for answers, and after much prayer and study I turned my life completely over (surrendered) to Jesus. I made Him not only Savior, but Lord (the boss) of my life (Ephesians 5:1-5Galatians 2:20Romans 12:1-2). Also during this time I began reading books authored by great men of faith such as Oswald Chambers, C. S. Lewis, Dr. Charles Stanley, and Rick Warren.

Engineering Career

Following my active military duty, I attended South Dakota State University and graduated with a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering with a math minor. My first engineering job was in Texas where I met, dated, and married Mary (October 22, 1970). My engineering career spanned several companies over several states.

Do you have kids? Grandchildren?

We were active church members (in three different denominations) and made a conscious effort to equip our four daughters to know and love the Lord. During this time and even now, I am involved in teaching Sunday school classes. We are never through growing in our walk with the Lord. Therefore, I continue to study God’s Word and pray.


When we retired in 2005, Mary and I moved to Tonkawa, Oklahoma. We lived in the house where Mary was born and raised. In our down time, we loved to travel and spend time with family which includes our three surviving daughters, son-in-law, and three grandchildren. Ronna passed away Jan. 25, 2003. Mary passed away Nov. 29, 2016. We miss them, but look forward to the reunion in heaven.

My present ministries include weekly jail visits/devotions, Gideons International, Parent Road Ministries, and teaching Sunday school in my church.  Mary and I along with our daughter Nancy founded Parent Road Ministries in 2013. I serve as Co-Director and also do other jobs for the ministry.

Fun facts:

  • I was baptized in the Jordan River during my first visit to the Holy Land.
  • I guest posted on our blog before writing regularly. In that post I told about my work with jail ministries and gave a great model for family Bible study. Read more here.
  • Nancy also participated in a Lutheran confirmation class while she was in middle school.

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