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Tips for At-Home Family Bible Study

Do you know the importance of family worship and Bible study but are not sure how to start? Have your family worship and Bible study become stale? How do you engage your kids and make your family worship and Bible… Continue reading

Are You Trying to Do God’s Job?

In disciple group the other day, I was reminded of a truth that blew my mind. I felt like I was in a commercial: “Poof! Mind blown.” The first time I head this truth, it changed my life.… Continue reading

God’s Mercy Toward Literal-Minded Children

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I reel in amazement at the price Christ paid for my sins on Calvary. It is one of the reasons I love Easter so much. But, did you know there is danger lurking for children in this… Continue reading

Parenting Young Kids In Church

Easter Sunday is this week. I am looking forward to seeing some new faces and celebrating the Lord’s resurrection.

As part of the preparations in my church, I’ve been working with our Children’s Minister to create a card that will… Continue reading

Are you lovable this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is in four short days. If you’re like me, you pour over cards to choose just the right one to tell each family member just how much you love them. You debate with yourself over chocolates, flowers, and… Continue reading

Operation Next Generation

Did you know it takes only one generation for faith to be lost? A scary thought, isn’t it?

The Faithful Generation

Just before crossing into the Promised Land, Joshua charged the people to choose once and for all who they… Continue reading

What Does “Honor” Mean?

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In Sunday school lately, we’ve been talking about honor. We hear that word a lot, but do we really know what it means? Let’s look at some of the ways the word honor is used.

Honor means… Continue reading

How to Serve God In Hard Places

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We all have things we don’t like and things we’d rather not do. I bet you are already thinking of at least one right now. An idiom describes really hard situations like these as being “between a… Continue reading

“Mommy, who is Caitlyn Jenner?”

If you haven’t heard, the cover of Vanity Fair this month headlines, “Call me Caitlyn.” It includes a twenty-page photo shoot and article interviewing Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Olympic gold medalist in the men’s decathlon).… Continue reading

The Importance of Mentors

Are you a single parent? Is your spouse not a believer? You don't have to disciple your kids all on your own. Continue reading


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