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Star of Bethlehem

If you’re a stargazer or an educator, you probably know that tonight (Dec. 21, 2020) is a rare planetary alignment. Articles like this one suggest it may be the “Star of Bethlehem.” Is that true? Let’s talk about it.

Planetary… Continue reading

Are You Trying to Do God’s Job?

In disciple group the other day, I was reminded of a truth that blew my mind. I felt like I was in a commercial: “Poof! Mind blown.” The first time I head this truth, it changed my life.… Continue reading

What are the Spiritual Gifts? Part 1: Teaching Gifts

What are the spiritual gifts? How does a person get one or more spiritual gifts? How do spiritual gifts work? Over the next few weeks we’re going to look closer at some of these spiritual gifts.

What are spiritual gifts?… Continue reading

Advent: Understanding “What Child Is This?”

Today we’re looking at my favorite Christmas carol: “What Child Is This?” Let’s look at some of the funny, old words in this song and at the most important thing about Christmas. (Hint: It’s not the birth of a baby.)… Continue reading

Advent: Understanding the “Calypso Carol”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have had two royal babies to date. Prince George and Princess Charlotte were both born in a hospital. They live in palaces and royal residences (which is a fancy way to say “home”).

If you… Continue reading

Advent: Understanding “Go Tell It On The Mountain”

“Go Tell It On The Mountain” is a popular Christmas song, especially for kids. Do you ever stop to think about what it means? Why a mountain? What are we supposed to tell? What does it have to do with… Continue reading

Did Jesus Celebrate Hanukkah?

Did you know Jesus celebrated Hanukkah? In fact, at one such celebration, He taught something very important about Himself.

What is Hanukkah?

Here is a video which explain the origin of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah).

This… Continue reading

Advent: Understanding Lully Lullay (Coventry Carol)

Did you know that not all Christmas carols are happy?

One sad carol is the “Coventry Carol,” also known as “Lully Lullay.” You may not remember it, but this is one of my favorites. The words and music are sad,… Continue reading

What Does “Christian Walk” Mean?

Image © Levranii

Have you heard the phrase “Christian walk” or “walk with Christ”? Do you know what it means?

Phrases like this come from Bible passages like Acts 4:13.

Blue-Collar Bible Scholars?

Peter and John were fishermen. They… Continue reading

GUEST POST: Living for Christ

What does it mean to live in a way that pleases God? Parent Road Ministries team member Roger Bailey shares from his heart.

Who is Roger Bailey?

Roger is an United States Marine Corp veteran. He graduated from South… Continue reading



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