Good Friday

Fun Makes It Stick

How can you make your lesson fun? Kids and fun go together like peanut butter and jelly (or peas and carrots if you’re allergic to peanuts). If you want to connect with kids, you’ve got to play a little.… Continue reading

A Prayer for Families This Easter

Lent has begun and Easter is just around the corner. Can you believe that Resurrection Sunday is only six weeks away?

Would you join me now in praying for God to do a great work in families this… Continue reading

3 Steps for Effectively Teaching Children

Churches all over are in full swing planning their summer programs for children. One of my favorites is Vacation Bible School (VBS). I was called to the ministry at VBS, so maybe my bias is understandable. (Read this post to… Continue reading

God’s Mercy Toward Literal-Minded Children

Image (c)

I reel in amazement at the price Christ paid for my sins on Calvary. It is one of the reasons I love Easter so much. But, did you know there is danger lurking for children in this… Continue reading

How to Be Humble, Part 1

Image © Levranii

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, whether you had a big celebration or a quiet day like my family did. If your Christmas was full of fighting and uncomfortable situations, I’m sorry. Remember, though, that… Continue reading

Change of Plan

“In their hearts human beings plan their lives.     But the Lord decides where their steps will take them.”

Proverbs 16:9 (NIRV)

It was only a few weeks ago I was talking with my friend Lexi about… Continue reading

Dig In Devo: Did Jesus Really Die?

On Good Friday, we remember Jesus' crucifixion. Did Jesus really die on the cross? Jesus really died and He really came back to life again. Why does it matter? Continue reading

Why Is Good Friday “Good”?

This Friday is a special day. Do you know why we call Good Friday “good”? It's not an April Fool's Day joke. Continue reading

Easter Egg Giveaway – Win 2 FREE Books

What do Easter eggs have to do with Jesus’ resurrection? Why do you have Easter eggs hidden all over What will be in this month's e-newsletter? Continue reading

Dig In Devo: What Can One Person Do?

The guards at Jesus' grave changed their story. They took the easy way out. Jesus' disciples made a different choice. Continue reading


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