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How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election Results

People across the nation are still reeling from last week’s election results. This affects children too. Children have been listening for months to parents, the media, and other sources engage in passionate comments and arguments regarding Donald Trump and Hillary… Continue reading

Experiential Learning Cycle, Part 2

Would you love to be a better teacher? Would you love to be able to teach in a way that makes an actual difference in the lives of children?

Late spring is a great time for parents, Sunday school teachers,… Continue reading

Experiential Learning Cycle, Part 1

Would you love to be a better teacher? Would you love to be able to teach in a way that makes an actual difference in the lives of children?

In Children’s Ministry, late spring through summer is a very busy… Continue reading

3 Steps for Effectively Teaching Children

Churches all over are in full swing planning their summer programs for children. One of my favorites is Vacation Bible School (VBS). I was called to the ministry at VBS, so maybe my bias is understandable. (Read this post to… Continue reading

Read the Bible on Read Across America Day

Image (c) darrinahenry

Happy Read Across America Day! I’m excited to go read to several elementary school classes today. My costume and books are ready to go and I’ve picked out the travel mug for my throat-coat tea.… Continue reading

Is it OK to be sad at Christmas?

When you have experienced tragedy or loss, holidays can be a trigger for those memories.  It doesn’t help that everyone else around you seems to be celebrating and so happy .  Even at church the message can seem… Continue reading

Read Through the Bible in 3 Years

Image (c)

Do you plan to read through the Bible in one year, then get discouraged and quit when you get behind? If so, we have something in common.

I was challenged on Sunday (along with the rest of… Continue reading

How to Serve God In Hard Places

Image (c)

We all have things we don’t like and things we’d rather not do. I bet you are already thinking of at least one right now. An idiom describes really hard situations like these as being “between a… Continue reading

How to Calm Moving Jitters

Moving can be a scary thing. One friend recently confessed he is "very nervous" about his family's upcoming move. Is there anything we can do to make the change easier? Continue reading

GUEST VIDEO: 7 Steps to Discipling Children

Can God really use kids to make a difference? What you see may shock you!

In this video, Clint May, an old friend and the founder of Leaders In Training, shares 7 Steps to Discipling Children. It takes parents and… Continue reading


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