The History of Parent Road Ministries

It was a long, twisty journey before the view opened up and God showed Nancy Ruth she was to write and co-found Parent Road Ministries.

Nancy experienced firsthand the blessings of a home where studying the Bible as a family was made a priority. Like any family, it wasn’t perfect, but she now considers her dad her first serious Bible teacher.

Working with preteens in Texas, she saw God use kids in amazing ways, doing things many adults are scared to do. Because they were growing in their faith and putting it into practice, children were boldly sharing Jesus and teaching other kids. Wow!

Nancy has served children and families in big and small churches in various parts of the country. She has seen parents concerned that their kids might be passing the adults in their spiritual growth. She has seen entire families come to church with no Bible background, hungry to know all they can. She has also seen parents who want to teach their children the Bible themselves at home.

Parent Road Ministries grew out of all these things. Several Bible studies were outlined in one weekend when God laid this ministry strongly on Nancy’s heart. When she shared these ideas with her parents, Roger and Mary Bailey, they became excited as well and asked to be involved.

In 2013, Nancy moved to Oklahoma to focus on the work of Parent Road Ministries. Roger became the Outreach Assistant and general “gopher” while Mary was their staunchest prayer warrior.

Sheila Hamlin and Nancy Ruth met “by chance” (read “God-appointment”) at a conference in 2016. Sheila soon joined the ministry to focus on reaching the teenage members of the family.

The goal of Parent Road Ministries is to provide practical resources to train and equip parents and family leaders like you to biblically disciple their children, teaching them to love God with all of their hearts, minds, and actions. Learn more here about what makes our studies unique.



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