Bible Book Memory Tricks for Kids: 1 Chron. – 2 Sam.

Looking for a fun way to memorize the books of the Bible? Here are some silly tricks to remember the books of OT History.

Our kids’ Bible book memory plan uses repetition and visual memory techniques that are crazy enough to stick. Also included are brief summaries of each book and ways to quickly find Bible books. (Great Bible Drill for Kids or Sword Drill for children!)

Today’s memory trick continues the books of OT History. “Ruth shouts ‘1, 2, Wheee!’ before going off to her job, which in the Bible is pronounced Job.” The “1, 2” books are 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, 1 & 2 Chronicles. “Sam is King of the Chronicles.” Don’t mix up 1 & 2 Chronicles with 1 & 2 Corinthians! They come in alphabetical order. Chronicles comes earlier in the alphabet and earlier in the Bible, in the Old Testament. Corinthians comes later in the alphabet and later in the Bible, in the New Testament.

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0:25 – Review the books of Old Testament Law, Joshua, Judges, Ruth
1:00 – Memory technique for OT History
2:20 – Summary of 1 & 2 Samuel
2:42 – Summary of 1 & 2 Kings
3:12 – Summary of 1 & 2 Chronicles
4:20 – How to keep from mixing up Chronicles and Corinthians
5:04 – Memory technique for the “1, 2 books”
5:59 – How to quickly find the books of OT History

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