Fun Makes It Stick

How can you make your lesson fun? Kids and fun go together like peanut butter and jelly (or peas and carrots if you’re allergic to peanuts). If you want to connect with kids, you’ve got to play a little. How can you connect that fun and play to the message you are trying to communicate?

This is something all teacher need to consider: family Bible study leaders, Children’s Ministers, homeschool moms and dads, Sunday school teachers, AWANA leaders, church volunteers, childcare workers, and nursery workers.

I led a breakout during a children’s ministry leader training at my church the last Saturday in February. This is a little of what I shared. I hope it blesses you and your church.

Here are some fun ideas to get your “play ideas” started:

Get Connected

Do a holiday related activity. Look for ways to tie it back to Bible teaching, loving God with all of us, or loving other people (Matthew 22:36-40).

Here are some ideas for:

Get Active

Walk around the house to discuss Jericho (Joshua 6). Answer a review question before shooting a basketball. Go on a scavenger hunt. Slightly change a favorite game (i.e. “Ring Around the Rosie” becomes “Walk Around Old Jericho… trumpets, trumpets, the walls fall down!”). Plan a obstacle course or silly races.

Get Creative

Write new words to a song. Make figures out of modeling clay. Act it out with dolls, puppets or people. Draw a picture. Make a map. Make a treasure hunt. Design the scene (maybe with Legos?). Make a collage.

Get Cooking

Make a special snack or meal. Decorate cookies or cupcakes.

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Nancy Ruth

Author and former children’s minister with a passion to equip kids to live boldly for Christ.

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