What’s Your Goal?

What’s your goal? This question applies to family Bible study leaders, Children’s Ministers, homeschool moms and dads, Sunday school teachers, AWANA leaders, church volunteers, childcare workers, and nursery workers. If you know your goal, it’s easier to know what has to get done and what you can just let go.

I led a breakout during a children’s ministry leader training at my church the last Saturday in February. This is a little of what I shared. I hope it blesses you and your church.

Possible Goal #1: Reach New Families

Where do you serve? Is it a place where new families might bring their children? If so, this may be the first and only opportunity these children have to learn about Jesus.

Possible Goal #2: Share the Gospel

  • There are Christ-followers, those who don’t follow Christ, and those who think they’re ok because of x, y, z. You never know who is in the group entrusted to your care.
  • Take every opportunity to share the Gospel.
  • You might even ask kids who know it to share it. It’s good evangelism practice and you can fill in anything they leave out.

Possible Goal #3: Learn to Pray

  • Prayer is a vital part of the Christian walk. We are to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and pray about all things (Ephesians 6:18).
  • To paraphrase James 5:13-16, “Is a child hurting? Pray with him or her. Is a child excited? Celebrate with him or her and thank God together. Is a child not feeling well? Pray together as you comfort him or her. Is a child in trouble? Pray with them as you correct them.”
  • In addition, pray for the kids in your care.

Possible Goal #4: Learn to Serve

  • Do you notice the lack of adults willing to volunteer to serve? It starts young.
  • Let kids help and thank them for helping and serving.
  • Look for additional ways kids can serve.

Possible Goal #5: Have Fun

It’s ok to have a fun time planned with very little formal teaching time, especially since some kids are at church every time the doors open. Nevertheless, if this is your goal, you have an opportunity other programs don’t:

  • You build relationships with kids and know better how to pray for them.
  • You can connect Bible teaching with everyday kid activities like play. This shows kids God isn’t just for church on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Possible Goal #6: Develop Bible Skills

  • What are the specific skills you want kids to develop? Learning the books of the Bible? Being able to find certain books? Scripture memory? Learning the divisions of the Bible? Learning how to find a chapter and verse? The timeline of the Bible?
  • Consider choosing one to three to focus on for the year.
  • You might work out a plan with the teachers of classes before and after yours to develop skills over time.

Possible Goal #7: Teach Bible Lessons

  • Be sure you know the main point you want to emphasize. Then say it A LOT.
  • For the Gospel Project curriculum, this could be the Big Picture Question (and answer), the Main Point, or a rephrasing of one of them in terms of personal application.
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Nancy Ruth

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