Why is the Bible translated?

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Today is Bible Translation Day. Have you ever thought about how blessed we are to have the Bible in a language we can read and understand? To learn more about modern Bible translation, see this slideshow by Wycliffe.

The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic. It looks like this:


The New Testament was originally written in Greek. It looks like this:


If your Bible was written in those languages, could you read it and understand it?

Did you know that Jerome, one of the ancient church fathers, is considered one of the first Bible translators? Most of his life (about 347 to 420) was spent in Rome, but he traveled to Gaul (France), Asia Minor, and north Africa, staying a few years here and there. Jerome translated the Old Testament from Hebrew into Latin, the language everyone in his part of the world spoke at the time. Many church services today are still held in Latin, though not many people speak it anymore. Scholars still study the Vulgate (which means “common” as in common language) which was Jerome’s translation. After your parents read it first, you can learn more on this website.

The language you grew up speaking is sometimes called your “heart language.” It is the language you most easily think in, dream in, and understand. It resonates deep in your core because it is the language of your heart.

To celebrate Bible Translation Day, let’s look at John 3:16 in a couple of different languages. Look for the one that is written in your “heart language.” If you don’t find it, look for it here on Biblegateway.com.

John 3.16

How did you feel when you found the version you could understand? Be sure to thank God today for giving you a translation of His Word that you can read and understand. Ask Him to bring translators to work in the parts of the world where there is no Bible in the language people speak there.

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