Why Is Good Friday “Good”?

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This Friday is a special day. Do you know why we call Good Friday “good”? It’s not an April Fool’s Day joke.

James 1:22 says, “ Do what God’s teaching says; don’t just listen and do nothing. When you only sit and listen, you are fooling yourselves.” Each Friday, we’ll look at one way your family can apply God’s Word, doing what it says as you walk through life this weekend (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

NOTE: This post was first published on April 1, 2018. It was edited on October 20, 2022, for clarity.

On Good Friday, we remember the sad part of the first Easter: Jesus was hurt, insulted, and put on the cross to die. Here’s the good part: Jesus died to take our punishment so we could live with God. We also know that Jesus came back to life that Sunday morning. That is what makes Good Friday good.

“But Christ died for us while we were still sinners, and by this God showed how much he loves us. We have been made right with God by the blood sacrifice of Christ. So through Christ we will surely be saved from God’s anger.” Romans 5:8-9 (ERV)

Christ died and rose again, conquering sin and death. This is good news that everyone needs to hear!

We are blessed in America to be free to worship God and tell others the good news of Jesus. Not everyone can do that as freely as we can. Christians in other countries are persecuted. Some face severe economic and social restrictions. Others could be arrested for owning a Bible or meeting with other Christians. Others risk being taken away and killed if they are baptized into the Christian faith.

Check out this video of Christian kids around the world.

Deciding to ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior is a big deal. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Jesus becomes the most important thing in our lives when we become Christ-followers. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we seek to live in a way that honors Him. It doesn’t matter if other people like it or not. What God thinks of us becomes more important.

We have a lot to pray for today. Why not gather your family and pray together?

  • Thank Jesus for dying on the cross to pay for your sins, the wrong things you’ve done.
  • Thank God for bringing Jesus back to life again, showing that He conquered sin and death.
  • Think of some specific wrong choices you’ve made and tell God about it. Are you sorry you did them? Tell God.
  • Thank God for the freedom to worship Him.
  • Ask God to protect those who have to hide to worship God.
  • Ask God to help people everywhere to understand why Good Friday is good.

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